Labs21 2010 Annual Conference

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September 28-30, 2010
Albuquerque Convention Center
Albuquerque, New Mexico


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I2SL and Labs21 would like to extend a special thanks to our conference sponsors:


Schneider Electric logo

Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management, offering integrated building management solutions across multiple market segments. Focused on making energy safe, reliable, and efficient, Schneider Electric has an active commitment to help individuals and organizations "Make the most of their energy." Visit their website for more information.


Integral Group | Rumsey Engineers Logo

Integral Group | Rumsey Engineers provides high-performance, sustainable, and efficient HVAC designs with simple, elegant, cost-effective HVAC systems for critical and green building environments. Integral Group | Rumsey Engineers also provides businesses and utilities with analyses to identify energy-saving potential.


Thermo Scientific's Logo

Thermo Scientific offers a comprehensive selection of biological safety cabinets, Hamilton fume hoods, and laboratory furniture, including wood, steel, and stainless steel casework. Thermo Scientific also offers Hamilton-adaptable furniture systems, epoxy sinks and work surfaces, fixtures, and accessories.


Tek-Air logo

Tek-Air defines, develops, and delivers innovative environmental airflow control products and comprehensive solutions for critical and non-critical facility environments. We are "changing the way you think about air."




The Baker Company logo


Flow Safe Logo

Flow Safe, Inc. offers risk-free design solutions to "green" existing laboratories, featuring proven, award-winning, patented technology to convert existing fume hoods into high-performance, low airflow hoods, together with energy efficient, low pressure drop, environmental airflow control products.


Freelon logo

The Freelon Group provides planning, architecture, and interior design for higher education, science, healthcare, technology, cultural, and government clients throughout the U.S. The firm has won 38 national, regional, and chapter AIA design awards, including the Thomas Jefferson Award for Public Architecture.


M.K. Plastics Corporation's Logo

M. K. Plastics Corporation is a leading manufacturer of corrosion resistant fans for critical service applications.


New-Tech's logo

New-Tech has been manufacturing and installing ASPS™ units (Auto Sash Positioning Systems) to close fume hood sashes and save energy for more than 25 years. Please visit our website for our product information, specifications, and photos of recent projects.


SynapSense Logo

SynapSense™ Corporation provides wireless instrumentation solutions. SynapSense Adaptive Control™ saves up to 35 percent of cooling energy by continuously aligning cooling capacity with changes in IT load. The SynapSense Solution is a valuable tool for assessing data center energy utilization and capacity optimization.


Please note, EPA and DOE have granted conference cosponsor, I2SL, permission to use conference-related fundraising as a means of supporting I2SL's Labs21 2010 Annual Conference activities.